A grassroots movement to instil in Andhra youth the need to actively participate in politics.

YUVA GALAM - March for a Million Dreams.

A grassroots movement spanning 1860 kms over 56 days, covering more than 60 colleges and interacting with close to 40,000 Students, Yuvagalam inspired Andhra youth to actively participate in politics.


Save Kengeri Lake

Working with civil society to clean up one of Bangalore's badly polluted lakes, creating awareness among locals about the need for environmental sustainability. 


Swachh Bharat

Painting the walls of Vijayawada, ensuring they're treated as valuable public property instead of being defaced. The paintings also served as means to promote awareness on icons and issues. 


Penamaluru ZP High School

Adopting a school, working with its students and teachers to promote best practices in how it promotes learning. 


MP Report Cards

Researching on the work of 25 Parliamentarians representing Andhra Pradesh to spread awareness among the people about the performance of their MPs.


Youth Parliament

Participating in Youth Parliaments across the world to understand the hard work that goes behind making legislations and policies for diverse populations.